suitable for women, men and children

As SoulMidwife, Mentor and MedicineWoman
I help you to recognize love in everything.
I guide you, without fear and in deep trust, to dive in yourself,
to know yourselves better and to develop inner confidence from which to take own decisions.

Birth … and surroundings

Parenthood ... and surroundings

Life ... and surroundings

Birth AccompanimentS

I accompany you to get in touch with your own true nature, to find a sacred space within yourself, heal old wounds and open up to a new relationship, first of all with your own soul and later also with others.
Puberty, conception, pregnancy, birth and the several initiation's passages that characterize the passing of years until the moment of death. Every experience that characterizes the cycle of life can be lived in a respectful and loving way, really expressing its powerful nature and being profoundly enriching and transformative for ownself and for all the people around.

Sacred Seeds addresses birth and death,
to whom I propose you to look at just as a birth for the soul to return to her Origin,
as the most sacred events of life.

Examples of Tools and Instruments

Meditations and inner journeys


The 4 elements (earth air fire water)


The Moon and her cycle

New relationships between body and emotions

Inner Communication and the Sound of the Soul

Sounds, Mantras

Energetic and chakra's rebalancing

Herbs, oils, stones, and crystals

Massages, Meridian balancing massage

Soul's Coaching

Meetings may be held either privately or in a group.

Sacred Seeds

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