SACRED SEEDS accompanies you to find a sacred space within yourself. It’s mainly for women who have the deep wish to get back to their true self and to reconnect the energy flow between the physical body and the source of all life.

These energies are presents to nurture the women’s body and soul and they are always available to her. These powerful energies have a key role not only but impressively demonstrated during pregnancy and birth. When the woman becomes aware of them, she can feel them inside and becomes to understand from within, how they move and how to accommodate them.

Every life cycle experience such as menarche or birth can reveal its own powerful nature. All this can be experienced in a respectful and loving way and be deeply enriching and transformative for the woman herself and for all the people around her. From menstruation, conception, pregnancy and birth, to menopause and the several initiating passages that characterize the passing of the years, till death. I propose to look at death just as a birth for the soul to return to its origin.

Sacred Seeds addresses birth and death as the most sacred events of life.

Sacred Seeds accompaniments offer a space also for men who wish to contact their true nature, heal old wounds and open up to a new relationship, first of all with their own soul and then also of the couple. Indeed some of the treatments and of the offers that Sacred Seeds proposes are suitable for women, men and children.


Sacred Seeds are also the children who are born on earth and at the same time Sacred Seeds is a sacred space for them, too. To recognized them, for example through an inner and conscious communication, to see them with who they really are and to make them feel supported when they begin to unfold themselves in their lives.
One of the Sacred Seeds’ tasks is to welcome and accompany on earth the souls of the children with their light and the gifts they bring. The Inner Communication with children, that Sacred Seeds teaches to parents and educators, opens them to see the children in their totality, to see the light of their soul, their sound, their qualities and their unique potential. Sacred Seeds encourages adults to engage children in the communication from heart to heart, to ask them questions, to deal together with situations and to learn from each other. Children will remember their soul’s qualities and, encouraged, will share with us their inner knowing. They wont forget who they are and they will grow full of self confidence.

Sacred Seeds helps to recognize love in everything.
It helps, without fear and in deep trust, to dive in yourselves, to know yourselves better and
to develop inner confidence from which to take own decisions.

Sacred Seeds

© Clarissa Semini