Trattamenti per corpo e anima
Trattamenti per corpo e anima

 Tiyareh Energetic Waters


A new Flower pulsates in the Earth,

her name is Tiyareh:

Flower of Origin

Tiyareh is composed of a total of 7 Energetic Waters, as 7 are her petals.
Inside these Waters there are frequencies with specific qualities and properties. Their application allow the person to make an update of the own frequencies, to align to the new frequencies of the Earth, to light up the own internal sacred seed and to let finally blossom the own Flower of Origin.


They free from thoughts, fears, from the old in general.
They generate life flow.
They harmonize the own frequency with the new terrestrial one.
They facilitate a change inside personal processes.

Tiyareh accompanies the Rebirth of the Light,

the Awakening of the Nature of the Human Being and of the Life on Earth.

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Walk with the Earth

She opens the communication and the relationship with the flow of the Earth.

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She brings you into communication with the Earth and helps you to experience your steps in union with the Earth. She makes you aware of the impact you have around you and this brings you back to your presence. She reminds you that you don’t want to be harmful and that you can bring grace and delicacy into your actions. Once you are aware of your steps, you also realize to be supported by the Earth.

Use Her when you feel separated from the Earth, in lack of energy, with sense of heaviness, researching for your life purpose.

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Live your Wisdom

The bridge between inner and outer world.

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She dives you into the ocean of the inner wisdom and build up the bridge between the inner and outer world so that you easily can create the life you want to live. The creation is thus connected to the purest intent and serves the source of life.

Use her when you are not sure about your next step, when you want to live a life with intention and joyful.

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Love into Action

The healing of the heart.

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She connects you to a deeper level of unconditional love. She opens the inner source of endless love which allows you to be moved by love.

Use Her when you have a “heartpain” or you cannot find the solution that brings you happiness, to heal and let go old structures. She brings a better connection to the world you live in and helps you to spread your gifts.

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Breathe your Presence

 Out from the mind, in to your center.

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She immediately connects you to your inner space. She clarify confusion, thoughts, emotions and connects you to your body.

Use Her during a time of transition, when panic spreads, when the new is arriving and often we fear it. To return to the own Essence.

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Soul Space

Meet your Uniqueness

Show to the world Who you are.

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She helps you to see the beauty of your being and gives you the necessary space to let it bloom in a unique way, all yours.

Use Her to stop comparison with others and to fully manifest yourself, your voice, your uniqueness and your inner truth.

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Pure Thought

Align with the Cosmos

Observe things from a wider point of view.

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She stopps distracting thoughts, illusions of the mind, the believes according to which you must know and study everything. She provides wider perception, vision, comprehension.

Use Her when it’s time to change point of view, to free the mind and to connect to a universal vision.

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Authentic Awareness

A cocoon of love and union.

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She accompanies to blend into the source of Allness, percieving the sense of completeness and perfection of your being. Enterin this state you become aware that nothing is missing, separation doesn’t exist anymore.

Use Her when you have the feeling to be separated from life, from joy and love, the feeling of not enoughness, of missing pieces of your soul, to receive a shower of devotion.


Purchase options:

shipping costs excluded

♣ one Energetic Water to intuitively choose
30 ml 29.- chf / 29€

♣ private consultation with the Energetic Water you need at the moment
120.- chf / 115€

♣ complete kit with seven Energetic Waters
7x30ml 190.- chf / 180€

♣ Tiyareh Flower of the Origin
entire path of 7 sessions, a session a week for a total of 7 consecutives weeks
complete kit with seven 30ml Energetic Waters
700.- chf / 660€

To this path it’s possibile to add the Ceremony of Initiation to the Flower of the Origin to become seller and to use the Energetic Waters in your own work.
350.- chf / 330€
10% discount on the purchase of the complete kit as seller.

It’s possible, on demand and after evaluation, to include this path inside an intensive retreat at the Centro Origin.
The cost depend on the stay lenght to be decided together.

Sacred Seeds

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