Loss of a Baby or a Child

Loss of a Baby or a Child

The loss of a child is an extremely important event in the life of parents and deserves much more space and attention than is usually given. It is an issue whose delicacy and depth are often interpreted as heaviness and darkness. Sometimes it happens we have to say goodbye to the happiness in the belly. Sometimes these special souls stay with us only for a short time. Maybe because they want to enjoy only a life’s instant, the perfect happiness, the sense of security in the womb, experience unconditional love without demands. Some of these children bring a gift, a task, to their families. Some are predecessors of future children and let their rainbow brothers or sisters inherit their stardust.

Matter and spirit cooperate throughout the journey of the soul when she decides to incarnate (conception, pregnancy and birth) in the same way as it happens during the reverse process, when the soul leaves the body through the passage we call death. Generally for children it is easier to cross this bridge as they are naturally in contact with the spiritual world and for them it turns out to be easier than for an adult to leave the body and enter into the light. For and adult to be accompanied during this process of surrender is a great gift. The grieving has its own rhythm during which it is important to have a discrete and competent person beside, with particular care and respect in the case of loss of a child, whether it happens during pregnancy, at birth or later. When a baby’s soul leaves us during the period of pregnancy, for example, and parents experience the birth of their lifeless baby, it is important for them to know that they can spend time holding their creature in the arms, watching her, taking pictures for future memories and sharing, kiss her, greet her and let her go. It is crucial that this time and space is respected, protected and honored. As short as it may be, it will remain indelible in the history of their family.

I have close to my heart the care of such precious moments.

Sacred Seeds looks at birth and death as the most sacred moments of life.

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