Pregnancy Blessings
massaggio rilassante in gravidanza

Pregnancy Blessings

Sacred Seeds celebrates with this ritual the connection between the pregnant woman and all the energies at her disposal, represented by the people that are next to her and by all the hosts of spiritual helpers. It celebrates the connection of the child in the womb and its origin of light, with the mother’s heart. You can feel in a tangible way that you are not alone and that you have a treasure available inside and around you during maternity.

It is also a time to transmit words of wisdom, to share enriching stories and experiences, to bring closer, strengthen and encourage the new mother for a positive and uplifting birth. An opportunity to get together around you your loved ones (and the ones that may become!) in order to create a spiritual and practical support network that will be useful at the time of birth and during the postnatal period. You choose whether to live this ritual’s experience alone with myself or invite someone to participate. A celebration of the feminine, of being a woman, of family and friendship; a time to recognize the importance of mothers and to become one.

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