On this path, sacredness is given back to this powerful, unique and unforgettable event that deserves to be accompanied with love in an ongoing one to one relationship. We pay attention to the journey of incarnation that is happening while you are accompanied to listen to herself and to trust your intuition. This becomes a communication tool between you and your unborn child. You will be able to feel that all the energies you need are already available inside you and can be constantly nourished and regenerated by a host of “sources” (visible and invisible) that are in and around you.

Every mother and every child have a common path. The goal matter is to accompany them to find their way, to support them to following the flow of their love.

The Sacred Seeds birth accompaniment combines physiology and spirituality and consciously opens the doors to the subtle world strengthening the intimate connection and communication with the unborn or the newborn child. The word spiritual (which has nothing to do with a religious belief) refers to the connection to the whole, to nature. It refers to regain the connection with the own divine nature, in an intimate dialogue between heaven and earth, between soul and body. Intuition shows the way to individually support mother and child. There are no rules or given methods. Women who have already given birth, for example, carry the previous experience along. Sometimes, at the beginning of the preparation for a new birth, the mother wants to first “digest” these experiences.

If you educate a man you educate an individual,
but if you educate a woman you educate a family (nation).

African Proverb

In pregnancy the woman lives small and large trials of self-confidence: what is good for me and my baby? Where and how would I like to give birth? Who should accompany me/us?
It is a relief to know from the beginning to be able to recognize the own inner voice, listen to it and trust it. Along the way, the mother builds a conscious and deep contact to the child. The encounter with its soul can touch the parents deeply and, in return, can open marvellous doors to their soul. Deeper becomes the contact, fewer the emotions can interfere in the relationship between the parents and the child after birth. The relationship remains intact and stable despite the challenges that sometimes arise in the everyday life.

This accompaniment helps you to strengthen your own power and your own intuition in order to have a good connection to yourself and to your child. From the spiritual point of view, children who come on earth are souls who, from the consciousness of light, from the unity with the spiritual world, come to live on earth. At birth, the light of the child’s soul is linked to his physical body. From the first moment all qualities and potentials are visible in the child’s light.

All the forces of heaven and earth work together
to give birth to new lives.

Sita Kleinert

Examples of Tools and Instruments

Meditations and inner journeys


The 4 elements (earth air fire water)


The Moon and her cycle

Inner Communication and the Sound of the Soul

Sounds, Mantras

Rebalancing of the chakras

Herbs, oils, stones, and crystals

Massages, Meridian balancing massage


Meetings may be held either privately or in a group.

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Sacred Seeds Circles for Pregnancy and Postpartum

Sacred Seeds offers the possibility to women who wish it, to regularly meet in circle with other women during pregnancy first and in the postpartum then. To empower each other, witnessing each other’s process. Information on the physiology of childbirth will also be provided – what facilitates and what disturbs it – on breastfeeding and child care. Sacred Seeds wants to share the benefits of what is an ancient tradition: being present for one other during an incredibly powerful rite of passage: becoming mothers.

The Sacred Seeds meetings create a sacred space for women to come together in a meaningful and personal way; a special sacred space to be together during this journey.

They encourage a deep sharing, through creativity, laughter, honoring and celebrating. They explore relevant topics that emerge naturally for most women as they walk along the path of their pregnancy. They provide relevant information to help in the understanding of terms and meanings, facilitating the knowledge process that allows the woman/couple to make informed choices.

Sacred Seeds Circles for Pregnancy and Postpartum

Are you pregnant and want to sit in circle with other women during pregnancy,
breathe deeply and share in a conscious and significant way
important issues?

Have you recently given birth and want to sit in circle with other women and their babies,
breathe deeply and share in a conscious and significant way
important issues?

Issues such as

sacred places, meditation, expectations, the couple’s relationship, body image, fear, support,
responsible birth, transition from a woman to a mother, etc.

Then you are welcome to the Sacred Seeds circles.

We create a safe space where we mutually respect each other, take care, share, laugh, perceive, regenerate,
pamper ourselves, let go, create, learn, listen, etc.

Sacred Seeds

© Clarissa Semini