Scar Reharmonization
Scar Reharmonization

scar reharmonization

A scar leaves physical, emotional and energy footprints. From the physical point of view, adhesions, more or less profound, impose restrictions on tissue, the bowels and joint movements.

From the emotional point of view, the scar keeps the memory of the traumatic event, of a surgical experience and of the process of scarring.

From the energy point of view, it can be said that escape doors are created between the inside and the outside of the body.

An untreated scar leads to fragility, fatigability and an energy imbalance and can cause disease and/or emotional blocks in the following years.

The scar reharmonization is useful for all types of scars: surgery, wounds, burns, etc.
Scars also can block the craniosacral flow, foster joint pain, visceral disorder and emotional blocks.

The cesarean scar witnesses the interruption of the most intimate and sacred physiological process: giving birth. This experience leaves a trace in the mother, in in the child and in their relationship. Taking care of the scar means to take care about all of this.

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