Sacred Malas
Sacred Malas

the magic of your name

My relationship with words has always been very peculiar. I love playing with them, remaining open until, from a place without space, the one I’ve been waiting for emerges. Sometimes I don’t even know her and then the listening becomes even denser while she tells me about herself.

The time I spend closely with Silence (Heaven) and Nature (Earth), has guided me to rediscover one of my Soul qualities:


I connect with the Source of Words, I see and hear inside letters.

This gave birth to:

Heaven and Earth weave together within your name, giving birth to
💝 the Sound of your Nature 💝
… and magic happens:

✨liberation of your own potential
✨ healing of ancient unsettled
✨ sense of completeness
✨ clarity and joy
… tells who has already experienced it.

How it works:


💝 In the request email that you send me, remember to write all your names and surnames (specifying which is of the father and/or of the mother and/or which is of the husband) and your birth date. If I need more information, I’ll ask you in my reply.
Magic has already begun …

💝 During the session, by distance, I gather for you all the components (frequencies, codes, information, sounds, colors, etc.) that complete your name (either the name received at birth or later in life) and that bring energeticall their contribution if and where necessary.

💝 I translate the Sound of your Nature into a Mantra that will be uniquely yours and will help you integrate the frequency.

💝 Depending on what your name shows me, I will send you at home one of the following:

– an essence with the energy of the Sound of your Nature
– a short story inspired by the Sound of your Nature
– an image representing the Magic of your Name

Together with your Mantra, they will accompany you in the integration of the work done and to consciously and instantly regain contact with the Power of your Name whenever you feel the need and the pleasure.

💝 We will have a follow-up phone call.

To honor with you this ending year and accompany you in the new with the awareness of the Magic of your Being, up to the Full Moon of January 10th 2020, the Magic of your Name will have the 🍀 symbolic value 🍀 of:

111 frs. (€101) instead of 160 frs. (€150)

❣️ A precious gift also for children ❣️ till 14 yrs old : 55 frs. (€50) instead of 80 frs. (€75)

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Sacred Seeds

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