The Path of the Feminine – Rituals for young Women
The Path of the Feminine – Rituals for young Women

The Path of the Feminine – Rituals for young Women

An opportunity to tell girls the importance of honoring the cycles of life and to accompany them in the magical transition of becoming young women, reminding them how valuable and how special they are in their essence.

We need to bring back light into the puberty period, to teach girls how to discover and take care of their inner temple. The way menarche and menstruation are approached in our culture, in our families and communities, clearly influences the way a girl understands what “means” to be a woman. Our daughters need to grow into young women reconnected to their power, who can have enriching birth experiences. To reclaim birth, we need to reclaim feminine wisdom and our menstrual cycle offers us a conscious practice to reconnect with our bodies and, therefore, trust them during birth. The Sacred Seeds rituals are born with the intent of passing on the ancient tradition of sitting in a circle of women, of honoring ourselves, of taking care of each other, of offering listening and sight, of holding hands, of singing together, of trusting each other, of staying silently together, …
There are more and more girls ready to live the creative and healing power of the alliance between women, they only wait to be accompanied along the path of the feminine.

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